Join us Friday, October 26th 4-6pm at El Rio for a happy-hour fundraiser benefiting Robyn Few’s landmark sex worker rights organization SWOP – Bay Area.

Robyn Few started like many people involved in the fight for sex worker rights, running into trouble with the law. Shortly after, Robyn came out publicly as a sex worker and formed the organization Sex Workers Outreach Project here in the Bay Area, which has now grown to be the nation’s largest sex worker rights organization. SWOP is dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

In 2007 Robyn was diagnosed with cancer and continued to fight for sex worker rights all the way through treatment, passing away this September 13th. Robyn will always be an inspiration to all of us in the community and we hold this SWOP-Bay Area fundraiser in her name.

SWOP aims to continue her legacy, addressing the violence sex workers experience through criminalization locally and nationally.

ALL proceeds from the BAR, SILENT AUCTION, and RAFFLE will go directly to continuing the fight for Robyn’s vision – ending violence and stigma waged upon sex workers.


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