Via Stacey Swimme:

Hey everyone. This time of year is when we begin planning our December 17th events for The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

We gather the names of sex workers who were killed or assaulted this year to add to the ongoing lists of years past. On December 17th, in cities all over the world, we honor these people, whose lives and deaths were mostly ignored and crimes against them were often never investigated. Women of color, especially black women and transgender women are overwhelming represented on these lists. Predators are opportunists who target those perceived as least likely to be reported missing. So December 17th is a day when we make it clear that every person is cared for and missed, regardless of what they do for survival or how they look. And we challenge the racist, sexist laws that prohibit prostitution and give the perception that violence against sex workers is tolerated by society.

Please support our work this year by contributing to our Indie GoGo campaign!