**This event is not organized by SWOP Bay, but we are in full support! Please come out if you can!**

Labor of Love: In Support of Sex Workers
This Labor Day weekend, in the wake of the Homeland Security raid on Rentboy,
we stand united to say: Enough!

Contact Derrick Hanson for details:

FB Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/1483532768633620/

September 5th, 2015 at 1pm – San Francisco

Join sex workers and LGBTQIA community members to call for an end to senseless criminalization of adults in sex work.


Our support is not based on whether or not Rentboy is involved in prostitution. We issue no comment on that matter. But we do find the wording of the federal complaint against them–as well as the naive and puritanical mindset that allowed this action to be taken–a catalyst.

In the words of the National LGBTQ Task Force: “Sex work is a fact of life — it has been, it is and it will be as long as human beings are around. Criminalization puts the livelihoods, health and lives of sex workers in jeopardy. It’s time for our federal justice system to get its priorities straight and it’s time once and for all to decriminalize sex work” (Russell Roybal, Deputy Executive Director).

On the weekend of Labor Day, let’s support our many “Laborers of Love.” Venue TBD based on estimated turnout, but let San Francisco be a leader yet again!

How to help:

1) Organizers: the short window means be a mobilizer and know how to get things done! Seen as a team effort with me and others to plan any route, organize programming, and provide the parameters for all attendees. If you do not have experience in this level of hard-deadline event preparation, consider….

2) Movers: they make the things happen! Crosswalk guards (SFPD said they are happy with what we’re doing–if we are crossing the street against a red, it will create problems), setup for the mic system, water carriers if we have another 80-degree day (blargh!!), etc. Be focused enough to be able to complete a task and lift things, and this works for you!

3) Contributor: Part of our programming involves figuring out our time constraints, but we would like some sex workers to share their stories, thrills, and concerns. Sex is great! Criminalizing sex workers sucks! Speaking to either would be appreciated, time permitting. (Currently waiting for legal advice–we want to offer guidelines that will protect speakers from any prosecutorial actions, if that is a valid concern.)

4) PEOPLE! LGBTQQAAI, all orientations, sex workers, porn producers, sex enthusiasts, sex positivists, statuses of any type, drag queens, kings, Sisters, book clubs….everyone who is of the mind to decriminalize and de-stigmatize the sex workers and sex industry.

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