SWOP Bay will be present at the Women’s March in SF. If you are interested in attending, please text Sophia at 415-895-0433

It is being held this Saturday at 3pm.

Facebook Event Page

Statement from US Pros Collective:

Dear Friends,

The US PROStitutes Collective will be on the Women’s March in Oakland this Saturday, Jan 21 to say no to Trump and his mafia. We are also planning to attend the San Francisco rally.

We are meeting at 11am at Madison Street and 9th (South East corner) in Oakland with our pink banner. For the San Francisco march, we’ll meet at 3pm, Civic Center in front of the library (100 Larkin St).

We were very glad to see solidarity with sex workers rights included in the initial Women’s March’s statement of unity and principles and that sex workers were next to domestic workers and farm workers where we belong. You might have seen the recent controversy when sex workers rights were removed and replaced with solidarity with “all those exploited for sex and labor”. This made no sense at all. The exploitation we face as sex workers is the same as other workers and the remedy is the same, an end to criminalization, for labor rights and occupational health and safety. Solidarity with sex workers rights was then put back in. We hope you will join us for the marches!

These are women-led marches for everybody. There are over 600 marches in 60 countries. Cities & Countries. Let’s come out with the world against Trump!

Call, text or email if you want to meet up with us. 415 640-4250.

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