Volunteer Opportunity To Support The Historic Lawsuit.
July 30 and September 24, 2017 present our community with volunteer opportunities to raise much needed funds to keep our court challenge alive to decriminalize sex work and expand sexual privacy for all!
San Francisco’s sex worker group, The Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research Project (ESPLERP – http://esplerp.org) – has been picked as a supporting beneficiary of the Infamous Folsom Street Events. The historical multi annual events makes leather with a cause that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to share between HIV/AIDS, LGBT Rights and homeless groups will now add sex worker rights to their roster as a beneficiary. Our group is the only New Beneficiary for 2017 so we really honored and want to do a good job at recruiting our fair share of the required volunteers who run these all volunteer events.

Registration for shifts to volunteer for Up Your Alley has started. Shifts tend to be 4-5 hours – eg 9:30-1:30am, 2-6:30pm or 5-9pm. The tasks include Security, Green Team, Gates Greeter, Hospitality, Beverages, Registration, Exhibitors, Entertainment, Floater, Supply Truck, Treasury Counter & Treasury Runner, Artists’ Area (Folsom Street Fair only). Some of the jobs require in person training and all of the jobs require an online video training. Every volunteer for our group adds to the amount of funding we receive. You can find out more about the different kinds of volunteer shifts and perks (yes, there are VIP perks for volunteers) at http://tinyurl.com/fsevolunteers.
We have to sign up 20 volunteers for UP Your Alley, also known as On Dore Alley which will be Sunday July 30th between Howard and Folsom, continuing on Folsom from 9th to Juniper and the adjoining block of 10th St. San Francisco, CA (like a mini Folsom Street Fair), by Wednesday May 24th. WE have commitments for 20 people so far so we need 14 more for this event.
The Folsom Street Fair requires signing up 30 volunteers from our organization by August 1st, 2017. This event is located on Folsom St. from 8th to 13th Streets San Francisco, CA and is held on Sunday September 24th 2017.
To Volunteer for either of these events email your preferred times and jobs to our volunteer coordinator Claire Alwyne claire.alwyne@gmail.com If you have questions, you can call her at 415-494-7860

For more about the lawsuit (ESPLERP v Gascon – http://esplerp.org/case3-esplerp-vs-gascon/).
For more about Folsom Street Events http://www.folsomstreetevents.org