SWOP Bay Mission Statement

We absolutely must decriminalize all consenting adult commercial sex; we must support the lawsuits to decriminalize commercial sex, and we deplore any attempts to ‘rehabilitate’ sex workers in ‘deferment’ programs which either rely on criminalization or encourage the continued arrest (or kidnapping) of sex workers to be herded into said programs. Additionally, deferment programs force consenting workers to identify as trafficked, artificially inflating trafficking statistics to the detriment of sex workers.

We as sex workers are by and large not afforded protection or recourse from violent acts committed against us because of the precarious, often graft-ridden relationship between sex work and law enforcement. Please donate to the historic federal court challenge to decriminalize prostitution and attain equal protection under the law.  ESPLERP v. Gascon is currently in the Ninth Circuit Court.

Read more about the court case: esplerp.org and decrimnow.com
Fundraising link for ESPLERP vs. Gascon: LitigateToEmancipate.com